Tues. Morning Club Ride : Hay Creek

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While spinning along we encountered two huge fields of Sunflowers on  both sides of the rode. These fields stretched as far as the eyes
could see approx. two hundred acres each & each flower head were
tilted towards the morning sun. We imagined pedaling in the Tour de France ! That’s ride leader Rob Martin & Jim Johnson. The road is the Villa Nova road just north of Bealton.   map

Happy Trails

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August Godefridus Ride 2014 along the Niagara Parkway


For the last five years, the first Wednesday in August is when we do our 115 km Niagara-on-the-Lake to Fort Erie and back, ride to commemorate Godefridus ( Fred ) Verbakel who was a keen cyclist and did this ride annually with a number of club members and friends just for fun. This year 20 cyclists enjoyed a perfect day weather wise and even a brief attempt by a number of Velo Quebec riders to latch on to our group.  Along the way the group had lunch at Barrel pizza in Fort Erie. There was a photo op stop at the Falls and rehydrating at Harp’s Irish pub back in NOTL. Mark the  first Wednesday in August on your calendar for next year. Thanks to all the photo contributors,

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Port Stanley Ride

Just a reminder to everyone, that next Saturday (July 26) is our Port Stanley Ride.  I have shortened this ride from what we did years ago to accommodate those that are not interested in those full days on the bike.  The ride this year will begin in Port Burwell .  We will meet at the bottom of Robinson St (main drag going south) at the beach.  There is parking here and washrooms.  The ride will leave at 9:00 am and head west along Nova Scotia Line to Copenhagen then north one concession to Jamestown line.  We rode this road during the Port Bruce Ride which was new to all of us, and is a very quiet picturesque route.  It takes us down to Port Bruce where we pick up Dexter line.  We then go north on Quaker road to Sparta and across to Fairview Rd.  This will give us some protection from a West wind.  We will then go south to Dexter again, follow it west right into Port Stanley.  We have our choice of several restaurants.  If it is a really nice day, there is a restaurant/ Bar right on the beach.  On the way back if we have a tale wind we can follow Dexter/Nova Scotia Line right back to Burwell. Trip out is 49.5K and trip back 39.5K for a total of 90K.  This should get us back to Port Burwell for 2:00 or 2:30.  If anyone wants to stay for a beer there are lots of places to choose from.
This is a social ride, therefore everyone rides in the pack at all times.  On hills we wait at the top or slow down to a crawls pace till everyone catches up.  There are at least 2 good hills, but no different than what you see on the Front Road.  If you are inclined to sprint the hills feel free to do it twice while the slower riders make it up. It is not a race.  The average speed will be dictated by the slowest rider.
I hope everyone will consider this ride, it certainly takes us to roads that many of us have never ridden.  Recap below:
Ride date:         Saturday July 26
Start Location:  Port Burwell Beach 9:00  am
Destination:      Port Stanley 11:15 am
Final Dest:        Port Burwell 2:00 – 2:30 pm

Steve DiLella

Rob Martin’s Niagara Wine Country Tour

Thanks Rob for organizing this ride & kudos to your Co-Ride Leader
Mr. Ken Jobba…… a great tour gentlemen & wonderful food & drink.
Yes,  that’s Jennifer Lopez taking a break from the movie set.
Life is good


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Canada Day Ride!

Here are a few pictures from the Canada Day ride! We had a great group, good food and an awesome ride! 

Thanks to everyone who joined us despite the cloudy morning! It was nice to see everyone out today.

PS. Thanks Steve, Your idea for Port Dover was a nice change from Port Burwell!!
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