Our Mission

Mission Statement

The Silver Spokes provide a safe, friendly, supportive and encouraging environment to enjoy and promote bicycling in all its forms.
How Do We Support the Mission?

  1. Stressing personal rider safety — rules of the road, helmets, bicycle preparation, insurance.
  2. Advocacy and input to community groups and government on road safety.
  1. Beginner and multi-level training rides.
  2. One day tours and longer multi-day trips.
  3. Ride Leader responsibility.
  4. Listening to members’ concerns.
  5. Recognition of members’ achievements
  1. Attend/display at health and fitness and bicycling events.
  2. Media articles.
  3. Support for competitive members.
  4. Involvement with the Velodrome.
Outcomes to be Achieved:
  1. Increased levels of member’s fitness and health.
  2. Development of friendships within the cycling community.
  3. Increased recognition of bicyclists’ rights to the road.

For those who know and appreciate the value of cycling and the friendships gained. The memories will never be dropped.


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