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Tues. Morning Club Ride : Hay Creek

From Google groups posted by telemather

While spinning along we encountered two huge fields of Sunflowers on  both sides of the rode. These fields stretched as far as the eyes
could see approx. two hundred acres each & each flower head were
tilted towards the morning sun. We imagined pedaling in the Tour de France ! That’s ride leader Rob Martin & Jim Johnson. The road is the Villa Nova road just north of Bealton.   map

Happy Trails

Garr…. IMG0029A IMG0027A

Rob Martin’s Niagara Wine Country Tour

Thanks Rob for organizing this ride & kudos to your Co-Ride Leader
Mr. Ken Jobba…… a great tour gentlemen & wonderful food & drink.
Yes,  that’s Jennifer Lopez taking a break from the movie set.
Life is good


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Canada Day Ride!

Here are a few pictures from the Canada Day ride! We had a great group, good food and an awesome ride! 

Thanks to everyone who joined us despite the cloudy morning! It was nice to see everyone out today.

PS. Thanks Steve, Your idea for Port Dover was a nice change from Port Burwell!!
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